What is the best pacifier for a baby? Which one to choose?

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The view of a baby with a pacifier in his mouth is something completely natural. It is important, however, that parents are aware of why  buying pacifiers for babies, what are the reasons for soothing the pacifier and what the effects can be – both positive and negative.


Parents should familiarize themselves with the votes "for" and "against" and decide for themselves on the type of pacifier and the time the teat will be used by their baby.
 The following article presents both the advantages and disadvantages of using the pacifier.
 Different types of teats will also be discussed so that parents can more easily make an important decision regarding the health and proper development of their baby.

Pacifier – buy or not buy?

At the beginning, it is worth finding out what gives your baby a pacifier. The main role that the teat fulfills is the replacement of the mother’s breast. In addition, the teat fulfills several other tasks.

The advantages of soothing soother:

  • After birth, the baby has a soothing reflex, and the teat satisfies this need.
  • It makes it easier for the baby to calm down and fall asleep.
  • Many doctors believe that falling asleep with a pacifier can help protect your baby from so-called cot death.
  • It may help to unbind a baby from too frequent feeding at night.
On the example of observing the behavior of babyren and their mothers, and based on the conducted research, there were several negative opinions about the use of the pacifier by babyren.

Pacifier soothing defects:

  • possible malocclusioninfections (e.g., middle ear)
  • disorders that make it difficult for a baby to breast-suck
  • too early withdrawal from the mother’s breast
  • the possibility of damaging the nipples by babyren too often soothing a teat
All pros and cons should be reasonably considered. The effects and behaviors mentioned above were also noted in babyren who did not use soothers too often. It is also worth emphasizing that side effects occur most often when parents lose control over the time the baby spends with the teat in his mouth. babyren who get used to the pacifier too quickly may have the above problems, so parents should control the time spent with the pacifier in their mouths and not allow the baby to capriciously force the teat and thus lead to addiction to soothing.
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